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Do you have a question? This is a brief list of the questions that our clients ask most often, separated into Court Reporting, Videography, and Records Retrieval sections. If your particular concern is not addressed here please feel free to give us a call or use our Information Request Form.

Fox Court Reporting


Q. How do I schedule a deposition with Fox?

A. Scheduling a deposition with Fox is easy and efficient.  You may e-mail or fax the notice.  Regardless of where the deposition

is to take place, we will take care of it for you.  We will send you a confirmation letter upon receipt, as well as confirm with you the day before the deposition. If you do not hear from us, we did not receive your notice.

Q. What advantage does Fox offer over other reporting agencies?

A. Our clients choose Fox Reporting because we provide a wide range of services to all sizes of law firms and cases.  Clients appreciate the knowledge and experience we bring to reporting and our investment in the latest technology.  Our realtime services are available at the deposition site as well as over the internet.  We also offer services which include video, record retrieval, courtroom presentations  and subpoena/process services.

Another outstanding reason our clients choose Fox lies in our ability to exceed expectations.  We hire only the best - from our knowledgeable and professional office staff to our court reporters and video experts.  Our professionals arrive confident, capable and ready to provide stenography, transcription, video and litigation support in a professional and timely manner.

Q. Does Fox provide after hours assistance?

A. Yes.  We are always available to help clients with any requests, last minute scheduling changes and cancellations.  Please E-mail Stacy Chesser or call 713.622.1580

Q. Are you able to send our transcripts via E-Transcript?  What is E-Transcript?

A. Yes.  E-Transcript is an electronic means of receiving your transcript either on disk, CD or by E-mail.  Unlike getting as ASCII, E-Transcript has the program already built in so there is no additional software to buy or install.

Q. Do you offer realtime reporting?  What is realtime reporting?

A. Yes.  Realtime reporting is the simultaneous broadcast of the text of a deposition, in realtime, from the reporter’s realtime CAT system to one or more attorney’s computers.  This text is captured by a program running on the attorney’s computers that is designed for this purpose.  Very simple means are provided that allow the text to be marked, annotated, searched, reviewed or printed during the proceeding or immediately afterwards without distracting the attorneys.

Q. Are your reporters able to produce a rough ASCII at the end of the deposition?

A. Yes.  We need to know in advance.  Please let us know upon scheduling the deposition or when we call your office the day before to confirm your deposition.

Q. Do you have conference rooms available?

A. Yes.  We have conference rooms available in our Houston office and our Bedford office (Dallas/Fort Worth area) at no charge to our clients.  We are also happy to assist you in setting up conference rooms in any other location across the US.

Legal Videography

Q. How important is digital video?

A. 3-chip digital cameras are the industry standard for producing any legal video.  A digital video camera also gives the most vibrant picture quality for the jury to see.

Q. In what format will we receive the video of the deposition?

A. You may receive the video on CD, DVD, MPEG-1 conversions and other professional media formats

Q. Do you offer video duplication services?

A. Yes.  Fox provides high quality video duplication services for any format.

Q. Can you convert video media from one format to another format?

A. Yes.  We provide high quality media conversion services from any format to any other format.

Q. Can you playback the video in the courtroom?

A. Yes.  We provide cutting edge litigation support in courtroom electronic technology.  We will set up the system designed to meet your needs, as well as remain in court to run the system.

Q. Besides depositions, what other uses are there for legal video?

A. A video documentary which shows a tribute to the life of the deceased and the negligence through which they expired can force a quick and favorable decision from an insurance company.  A “video-will” can show a testator to be in a fine state of mental health in case his/her will is contested.  A day-in-the-life video shows how a person’s activities of daily living have changed since the date of the incident.  There are many other uses for legal video.

Q. Can you edit a video which was videotaped by another company or individual?

A. Yes.  No matter what tape format you have your depositions in, you supply us the videotape/CD/DVD that you have and we will edit them.

Q. Can you assist in electronic courtroom presentation?

A. Yes.  We provide in-house services such as video/text synchronization, document/exhibit scanning and imaging and complete trial support.

Records Retrieval

Q. How long does it take to get records?

A. The entire process takes approximately five weeks including the 10-30 day notice period depending on jurisdiction. During this time the necessary research is done to verify the existence and location of records to save you time and money. In the case that the facility will not release the information over the phone, we will initiate the necessary paperwork to assure expedient processing. The remainder of the time is spent corresponding with the custodian and, once the records are obtained, carefully organizing, numbering, indexing, copying and binding the records so that they can be delivered to you in a productive fashion.  If you are ever in a bind and need them immediately, there are instances when they can be obtained in a matter of days.

Q. What type of records can you obtain?

A. We can obtain almost every type of record imaginable.  Some of the types of records are medical, billing, x-rays, pathology, personnel and payroll, Workers Compensation files from employers, claim files from insurance companies, telephone records (local, long distance and mobile), bank records, pharmacy records, police records, fire records, driving records, academic records, ambulance records and business records of any kind.

Q. Will you call me for a fee approval before picking up the records?

A. Definitely. We realize that you have boundaries to work within and want to help you avoid any long term complications. It is fair to say that we have a good grasp of what the industry norm is for pricing. With the Senate bill guidelines, it is common for an average size hospital chart to be $125-175.  If you have different parameters for a specific case, just let us know.  Keep in mind that the lower this amount is, the more time will pass before the facility will start copying, thus delaying your records. Fox will always attempt to lower exorbitant fees by citing the different rules that govern pricing.

Q. Can I subpoena government records?

A. You can obtain government records with an originally signed release form by the individual to whom the records pertain.  Social Security Claim records, Wage Information, tax returns from I.R.S. all take 3 – 6 months. Fox has full access to any necessary forms needed and can supply you with them upon request.

Q. Will you direct bill my client?

A. Yes, with the appropriate information, we can direct bill your client.  Once we have this information we will direct bill on all subsequent orders placed. This also applies to co-defendants ordering copies.  Just send us your request with the necessary information.  Unfortunately, we cannot direct bill individuals involved in a family law matter.

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